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When is building permit needed?

Editor's note: The following information was provided by Todd County Planning and Zoning.

Todd County land use permits are required outside city limits for buildings and structures greater than 32 square feet in size.

These permits provide a mechanism to facilitate orderly development within the county. Our county comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance, developed by citizens from throughout the county, articulates clearly the desire by most citizens to both protect natural resources and to allow for development of structures and business sites. The permit process insures that intended construction meets the basic mandates in these plans.

Planning and zoning office staff are available to assist landowners in filling out permit applications. The application will document what you intend to build, the size and intended use, and where on the property it will be located.

It is the land owner's responsibility to provide this information and know where property boundaries lie. The land use zone your property is located in and what allowed setbacks must be met will then be considered.

All necessary forms and instructions related to preparing an application can be found on the county website or at the planning and zoning office, located in the remodeled historic courthouse building in Long Prairie.

Oftentimes, permits can be issued over the counter the same day but occasionally there are issues that need to be resolved so it pays to take care of obtaining the building permit well in advance of when you intend to start building.

Failure to obtain a land use permit prior to construction can lead to one or more violations of Todd County ordinances. These situations are difficult and time consuming to resolve so please plan ahead and obtain county land use permits before starting your next project.

Having a permit in the system prevents having a project being put on hold if a complaint is filed with planning and zoning related to your project. If you have any questions or concerns, call Todd County Planning and Zoning at 320-732-4420.