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Osakis Police Blotter Feb. 14-19


February 14

Walking downtown, door checks, Central/ Main.

Parking complaint, citation issued for on street parking violation, Central Ave/ Main.

Education presentation, DARE classes, E 1st Ave.

Education presentation, W 4th Ave.

Noise complaint/ disturbance, property owner received call from renter stating that a person is slamming furniture and talking loudly to himself, spoke with person who had issues with people talking about stuff they had no reason to talk about, person stated he was going to bed, denied any drugs and was not thinking about hurting himself, told to keep down the noise.

Medical, female fell and hit head, in and out of consciousness, transported, N 6th Ave.

February 15

Foot patrol, Main, Central.

Medical, unresponsive male, assisted, transported party to his residence, Central Ave.

Juvenile trouble, E 1st Ave.

Suspicious activity, E Lake.

Assist Todd County in looking for a driving complaint, driver stated she got nervous with her instructor, issued warning for driving conduct.

Stopped for stop sign violation and speed, issued citation for no MN driver's license, no proof of insurance and stop sign violation, driver stated that he had a person coming to get him and possible driver for vehicle, valid driver took vehicle, I-94/ Hwy 27.

February 16

False alarm, spoke with staff on scene, E 3rd Ave.

Warning for driving conduct and frosted windows, driver pulled into parking lot and cleared windows, E 1st Ave/ Hwy 27.

Caller had questions about leash laws, answered questions, informed to contact OPD if she sees violations, W Oak.

Opened PCC for someone to drop off items for benefit, W Nokomis.

Persons in vehicle at pump acting suspicious, according to staff he might be intoxicated, driver stated that he is injured and has other handicaps, no intoxication noted, W Nokomis.

Dog bite, comp stated her sister got hurt by a golden lab while trying to protect her dog, unknown who lab belongs to, W Oak.

Parking complaint, vehicle has not moved for several days, contacted owner and it will be removed, W Main.

Complaint of abandoned vehicle, PD attempted to locate number but was unsuccessful, property owner was notified, Central Ave.

Warning for no front license plate, E 1st Ave/ E Oak.

Patrol, boys basketball game, E 1st Ave.

Assisting APD with locating possible owner of stolen generator, person contacted and advised he was not owner, W 7th Ave.

Medical, shortness of breath, would like to go to hospital, assisted with info, transported, W Main.

Comp had questions regarding person who may be showing up at her location, comp was informed that past renter was coming over to retrieve a trampoline from her backyard, she did not want him coming over at such a late hour, unable to find current phone number for person.

February 17

Warning for on-street parking after midnight, W Oak.

Citation for on-street parking after midnight, parked two nights in a row, citation was voided after speaking to vehicle driver, Queen.

Citation for on-street parking after midnight, ticket was voided after speaking to vehicle owner, W Main.

Welfare check, male hasn't been heard from since Wednesday, he hangs out in the shop and has a broken ankle, made contact with person, all ok, E 2nd Ave.

Public assist, caller is picking up trampoline he owns from a former rental, wants officer's assistance, E Lake.

Comp received parking ticket for overnight parking, wants to know why, W Main.

Comp received parking ticket for overnight parking, wants to know why, W Queen.

Comp states there is a bunch of trash in the road, boxes and Tupperware, people are swerving around it, moved a storage tote and some boxes off the street that blew away from a yard, E Main.

Warning for windshield banner, cracked windshield and wrong address on driver's license, N 6th Ave/ W Main.

Suspicious activity, out with two occupied vehicles, one vehicle broke down, will be parked at creamery overnight, vehicle had WI plates and came back not on file, VIN came back to MN plates, Hwy 27.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Assist Todd County with one not stopping, assisted at scene, E Nokomis/ Hwy 27.

February 18

Citation for on-street parking after midnight, previously warned, E Pike.

Three warnings for on-street parking after midnight.

Warning for tail light section out and expired tabs, E 1st Ave/ E Lake.

Warning for front marker light out, E 4th Ave/ E Nokomis.

Animal complaint, neighbor's dog has pooped in the comp's yard multiple times, comp advised he would be approaching the city council to ask permission to put up a fence, E Main.

Vehicle unlock, W Nokomis.

February 19

Medical, female fell overnight and they want her brought in and checked, transported, W Main.

Parking complaint, unknown vehicle in driveway, got hold of friend of owner, parked in wrong spot and will move it, W Main.

Patrol activity, Hwy 27.

*This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity; rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.