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Osakis Lions check children's vision

Osakis Lions member Dan Wessel checks the eyes of kindergartner Laney Kalpin as Lions member Dave Spartz assists. (Contributed) 1 / 2
Osakis Lions Club members who helped with the vision screening on Dec. 19 included (left to right) Dan Wessel, John Temple, Jim Snyder, Mark Reicks, Dave Spartz, Larry Richters, Rick Loxtercamp, Dick Hoff and John Peterka. (Contributed) 2 / 2

Osakis Lions Club members conducted a vision screening as part of the Lions KidSight USA program on Dec. 19 at the Osakis Public School.

Children, aged 3 to 6, in preschool, Head Start and kindergarten from both Osakis Public School and St. Agnes School were tested.

Special cameras are used to screen for a wide variety of visual issues that may not otherwise be detected in a young child, Lions members noted. If the camera detects a visual problem, the parents are notified so that the child can then be referred to an eye doctor.

Caught early, the problem can be corrected. Early detection and correction will prevent the child from having learning issues because of poor eyesight.

The special cameras, costing almost $8,000 each, are the key component in this Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screening system. The equipment is owned by the 5M4 district Lions organization and is purchased through local Lions Clubs' donations.

The Osakis Lions plan to do the screenings on an annual basis in cooperation with the Osakis Public and St. Agnes Schools.